Translated by Shahin M. Movafagh from Rumi's Kulliyat-i Shams Vol. 1,  p.643

Dialog With The Soul

O how pallid and plain that I am
     When seest me myself as I am
Said you of mysteries brought betwee
Where between this between that I am
When will my spirit in stillness rest
     In this soaring stillness that I am
Drowned I the sea of self in itself
   Wonder what boundless sea that I am
In this world and the next seek me not
    Lost are both in that world that I am
Free from loss or gain, a thing of naught
    A spark without wax or wane that I am
I said O life you are I, the same
    Whither same, so plain is whence I am
"A moment" said I, "silen
ce!" I heard
     No tongue has uttered that which I am
Said I
since no tongue did speak of thee
-less I speak, to be that I am
Pass away as the moon without feet
      steps, with no footsteps striding I am
Then came "Hark! why dost thou run, behold
      in this unseen, revealed as I am
As Shams-i
Tabriz did take my sight
        peerless treasure, sea and fount I am